(2019) Staff

Brett is a Northern California based event organizer.

#2 Saki CA Opinionated bad Poverty player who refuses to let EXAMU games go.

Competition Director for COMBO BREAKER. The guy that does the brackets for things.

Coder at Amazon Game Studios. WNF Orange County UNIST streamer. Loli basketball main in DFCI.『小学生は最高だぜ!』

Co-creator of AnimEVO and TO of Melty Blood and the Under Night series, Daryl is willing to play anything — poverty or mainstream. Raised by CvS2 and MvC2, the cheap stuff brings a smile to his face.

Heidi is a longtime games writer. She runs gaming.moe and is helping with Fighters History Dynamite, biding the time until her scheme comes to fruition and she can get Fighting Vipers 2 into AnimEVO.

DMac is a wandering swordsman who set off years ago in search of the elusive “SoulCalibur locals” and returned having played almost every subgenre of fighting game known to man. He once took 5 matches straight off an ArcRevo qualifier because they said Popeyes was bad.

Head orginizer for Taiyou Con Rumble in Arizona. It’s his mission to keep Nitroplus Blaster alive.

EntropyFails works at Twitch on the Game Integration team and worked at the Partnership team for several years. He loves Samurai Showdown 2 and is pretty good at it. He wants everyone to join his tournament at AnimeEVO.

The oldest living creature in the SNK community.

Hagure takes care of the website, @everyones the AnimEVO staff, & loves to play lame af. He goes to events to TO games, eat good food, & mix drinks. See him in Marvel 2/3, UNI, VSAV or TMNT:TF — first round of drinks is on the loser!

Former arcade technician/ manager/ TO for FFA (Family Fun Arcade). Nathan used to run an anime fighting major called West Toast in SoCal (and he won’t shut up about it)!

A NorCal homegrown resident, KBeast is a FGC player who’s known for being the “excellence of execution” as his excellent execution skills in fighting games are excellent. While occasionally playing the role of TO, KBeast also represents MARVELOUS CUSTOMS.

Contrary to what you might expect, Kiyobi is actually really miserable at fighting games. He really loves rhythm games and Puyo Puyo Tetris, though, with a side of shmups.

“Kumubou has ran a 1000 man bracket single handedly and lived.”
“Kumubou made a CvS2 bracket run on time.”
“Kumubou is not afraid to DQ people. Even if that’s Chris G, Justin Wong, and yes, you too, Jim.”

Catherine and Windjammers enthusiast, commentator, and TO. Blue sheep specialist. You can also find me getting clowned in Gundam versus.

Old man who streams a lot of old arcade games, and occasionally plays old fighting games.

OG Vegas TO and poverty game enthusist. Will never turn down a match in Virtua Fighter or a Suntory High Ball.

Former commentator in Korea, currently pushing the drug of Sailor Moon S to the masses. Writer for SRK, web developer, and all around FGC guy.

A Windjammers OG from the Cincinnati, OH scene with regular tournament seasons held at Arcade Legacy. Avid fan of Professional Gaming, Wrestling and Pizza with over a decades worth of live event experience.

TO Director in Toronto since 2000. In charge of TORYUKEN major and monthly events. Awesome person surrounded by awesome people.

Hisui Lover. Former US Melty Evo god turned filthy casual. Occasionally streams tournaments. What is a Melty.

Osugure is a young, but ancient fighting game player. A decade of playing, and still seems to be bad at them. I guess the time didn’t really help him much.

Speedrunner, streamer, crossplayer, aspiring Puyo player. Stuck in idol hell.

Tournament organizer from Mississippi that plays poverty anime games.

Is low tier skill but has God tier level fun at events and playing matches. Known as “The Tiger” in DFCI circles (self given nickname), If he won the lottery he would fund development of DFCI 3.

Grew up in the anime/poverty scene of North Carolina starting with Melty Blood, post dispersion of the scene, he moved on to netplay and going to majors.

Shtkn has been a part of the AFGC circa 2006 and has been wearing his cowboy hat to Evo circa 2009. When he’s not helping with AnimeEVO, he’s busy managing the dustloop forums and wiki.

Soren, aka Sojoro, is a Soul Calibur, Persona, and UNI player who likes to travel to FG events and meet new players. Also a somewhat competent singer at karaoke.

That guy you see at a tournaments who’s always hustling for Karaoke and Alcohol. He also does JP/EN translation and intepretation at events. Respect the Blazer.

Also known as put_sagat_in_puyo, Barack Ojama, and many more names across recorded human history. Beat the odds and has yet to succumb to the ancient curse that claimed the previous Puyo Nexus TOs.