Mahjong Soul (2021)

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Tournament Details

  • Registration Waitlist Ends: Wednesday 9/8 @ 00:01 UTC.
    • Tournament has reached cap. Sign up on the waitlist to be considered as a replacement for no-shows.
  • Tournament Starts: Saturday 9/11 @ 17:00 UTC.
  • Platform: PC/Mobile.
  • Crowdfunding: Matcherino.
  • Entry: Free, no rank requirements.
  • Pot Split: 50/30/15/5.
  • Prizes: 1st place – Fate: Extella mahjong set (if in NA) / other prize (if outside NA). Other prizes TBD.
  • Registration: Online pre-registration. Entrants capped at 256.
    • If cap is reached, sign up onto this waitlist which will be used to populate no-shows the day of the tournament.
  • Head TO: Aranlyde (@Aranlyde).
  • Streams:,
  • Due to the length of time of an East-South match, you will not be able to participate in any other Vortex Gallery tournaments for the 6 hours after Mahjong Soul pools begin. Please check the schedule & plan accordingly.

Tournament Format

  • Pools: 4 pools. 6 East-South matches. Top 32 players from last year seeded evenly into each pool.
  • Table and starting wind will be randomized every round. Players will be ranked by total score by pool. Scores will not be rounded.
    • After 2 East-South matches, the top 32 players per pool by total score continue.
    • After 4 East-South matches, the top 16 players per pool by total score continue.
    • After 6 East-South matches, the top 4 players per pool by total score advance to the Finals.
  • Finals: 16-player double elimination. 1 East-South match per round, top 2 players move on. Scores do not carry over from Pools or between rounds. Bracket and matchups are fixed and are below:
  • Grand Final: 2 East-South matches, 0 uma. Players coming from Winners start the first match with 30000 points, players coming from Losers start the first match with 20000 points. Points carry over between matches but do not carry over from previous rounds.

Tournament Rules

  • Wifi is allowed and pauses (up to 5 minutes) are available in case of temporary network issues, but excessive connection issues may result in DQ.
  • Starting Points: 25000. Minimum Points to Win: 25000.
  • Uma: +15/+5/-5/-15, Grand Final uma: 0/0/0/0.
  • Thinking Time: 5+10, Grand Final thinking time: 60+0.
  • Game Tips: Enabled.
  • Please refrain from using swimsuit character outfits.
  • Mahjong Soul standard ranked rules used for game settings, except as below:
    • Match continues after South 4 if dealer is in the lead (agariyame nashi).
    • Match continues even if a player’s score is reduced below 0 (tobi nashi).
    • All abortive draws disabled (9 terminals, 4 winds, 4 riichis, 4 kans).
    • Multiple Yakuman and Yakuman Stacking disabled.
  • Tiebreaks for cuts during Pools are as follows:
    • Heads-up record (if paired together).
    • Highest worst single match score.
    • Most first places.
    • Highest best single match score.
    • Die roll.
  • If after a cut players do not show for matches, they will be replaced with the next highest-ranked player who did not make the cut.
  • If a table cannot be filled with human players, substitute the seat with one of the designated alternate players if available, or AI (Normal).