Neo Turf Masters (2021)

Global Region Info

Tournament Details

  • Registration Ends: Wednesday 9/1 @ 00:01 UTC.
  • Tournament Starts: Saturday 9/4 @ 17:00 UTC.
  • Platform: PC (Fightcade 2).
  • Entry: Free.
  • Crowdfunding: Matcherino.
  • Pot Split: 60/30/5/5.
  • Seeding: Region & Skill.
  • Registration: Online pre-registration; No entrants cap.
  • Head TO: Badatgaems (@badatgaems).
  • Stream:

Tournament Format

  • Single Elimination.
  • Match Play, Single Match.

Tournament Rules

  • Random Select on Stages (Hold down C then press A on course select screen).
  • Do Not Skip the map in-between courses. If you skip a map you must give up the hole unless both players agree to not enact this.
  • Avoid using coin or sending messages in chat when your opponent is taking their shot.
  • In the case of a crash, desync or soft-reset:
    • If the crash happens in the first 3 holes of a match, restart the match and ignore previous scores.
    • Otherwise, the match will be restarted on the same course retaining the current scoreboard. The first 3 holes of the match will not count for scoring, and the remaining holes will apply. This means that if you crash on hole 10, hole 4 on the restarted match becomes the new hole 10, hole 5 is the new hole 11, etc.
  • Players are encouraged to use to keep track of their scorecard outside of the game for visibility and for a backup in a crash situation.