Hisoutensoku (2021)

North America + South America + Europe Region Info

North America + South America + Europe Tournament Details

  • Registration Ends: Wednesday 9/15 @ 00:01 UTC.
  • Tournament Starts: Saturday 9/18 @ 18:00 UTC.
  • Platform: PC.
  • Entry: Free.
  • Crowdfunding: Matcherino.
  • Pot Split: 60/30/10.
  • Seeding: Region & Skill.
  • Registration: Online pre-registration; No entrants cap.
  • Head TO: Aligari (@_Aligari AEAligari@gmail.com).
  • Stream: twitch.tv/tessiro.

SEA Region Info

SEA Tournament Details

OCE Region Info

OCE Tournament Details

Shared Tournament Info

Tournament Format

  • Double Elimination.
  • 2/3 Rounds per Game.
  • 2/3 Games per Set.
  • 3/5 Games for Losers & Winners Finals.
  • 3/5 Games for Grand Finals.

Tournament Rules

  • Default game settings.
  • Meiling fix is required (can be found in Soku REWIRED or separately).
  • Random stage select (players may opt for an agreed stage).
    • OCE only: Stage is to be set to ‘Scarlet Devil Mansion Library’ (unless off stream & agreed between both players).
  • Winner must keep character, Loser may switch.
  • In the unlikely event of a game crash, scoring will be kept for games & rounds, and the current round will be restarted.
  • Players must be able to host in one of the following: Port Forward, Autopunch.
  • In the event of a player not being able to connect to another through Port Forward and/or Autopunch, the match will be coinflipped.
    • OCE only: In the event of unplayable lag, the player at fault will be disqualified. If this cannot be identified, the higher seeded player will win. This will be at the TO’s discretion.
  • SEA only: Players have 5 minutes to show up to their match. Late players forfeit 1 match every 5 minutes.