Founder, TO, Streamer and organizer for ACP Puerto Rico. I organize online tournaments, as well as run locals in the island. Unapologetic grappler main. Also extremely good at dropping combos, especially when they’d win me the round.
Old man representing Vampire Arcadia. CEO of Team Zsports. Loves cats, dead malls. Runs Makai World Cup.
Akina is the mysterious angry Canadian who has been hatching up schemes to better the battle frisbee community with WarpWhistle ever since falling in love with the game at AnimEVO 2018


Event organizer and competitor for SoCal FGC. Always pushing for poverty and trying to build scenes for underrepresented games. See me in +R or Melty
Ive been organizing Rev2 tournaments for a bit over a year now together with lea, added +R when the GGPO beta launched. I commentate for other TOs as well, mainly GGC and 2BCU. I also own chickens and they are very cute.


Serial volunteer/organizer. The secret is that the bot does all the work.
I’m Ardan do Infinito, the Tournament Organizer of HFTF Brasil’s weekly tournaments.
Commentating for SEA UNICLR. If you’re in SEA, hit up the Airdasher SEA discord for some games! Buff Weiss 5A
Arneezy is the co-founder and TO of Central IL FGC and a content creator. A self proclaimed old man of the FGC, he has been playing fighting games since he was 6. Oh yea he commentates as well. Did you know he got Top 8 at AnimEVO 2020?
KoF and Samsho player repping both the Chicago and New York SNK scenes. Commentated a few tournaments too.
My alias is AthenaDiva and I’m a tournament Ragyo player for KILL la KILL IF, I’m here to help commentate with ooluchi for VortexGallery 2021. I am a person who just wants to try to have some fun and see the community for KLKIF grow.
Hello World! Veteran main, cursed tech lover and Neo Turf Masters NTM Tour commissioner Badatgaems here! The NTM community has been running Neo Turf events for over a year now, and we’re all real excited to bring this old stylish (and cursed) golf game to the world!
Yo! I’m just as passionate as all of you when it comes to playing fighting games. Don’t be discouraged to play if this is your first time, because we all started somewhere, didn’t we?



Simple guy who loves Skullgirls and Stylish Combos

Carrot Parfait

Player and TO for Twinkle Star Sprites. Part of the great community for this game^^ And one of the Admins. of the English TSS Discord server.

chaos goose


Leadwoman for Exceed Assault and Network: Blue and also now a Vtuber. Competitive Blazblue player since BBCS and passionate about the series and community as a whole! I’m the girl who likes Hazama /alot/.

City Hall

Club Soda

Howdy, I’m ClubSoda: Co-TO for Windjammers and a rather reluctant cowboy. If you want to hear about how rad +R Slayer is or general Windjammer’s tips, please talk to me!
Digitized Graphics and Neo Geo Fighting Game TO and Streamer.



MeltyBrasil founder and passionate player.
A collective made up of Youtubers, Streamers, and Podcasters with the mission of bringing awareness to Kusoge and Poverty Fighting Games.
I am DannySsB, server owner of Melty SUD and TO for different tournaments and events for the region



i play Justice and F-Hime to make sure everyone is having fun. I organize poverty game tournaments in Indonesia. Also esports is a blight
Co-creator of AnimEVO and Vortex Gallery. Daryl is willing to play anything — poverty or mainstream. Raised by CvS2 and MvC2, the cheap stuff brings a smile to his face.
Brazillian fighting games player, currently streamer for Garou MOTW brazillian events.
I once promised I’d find offline Umineko tournament footage for someone, and given the source material I figured it was probably best if I didn’t forget my promise. We had some pretty hype matches the last two years, and even though offline hasn’t been a thing for a while, I’d like to keep giving people a chance to fight each other with the powers of logic and unreliable narration!


Gaming has always been my passion, like music and sport. I sank deep into the Fighting Games Community one year ago, trying to create content to help fellow players and organizing events to build communities and frendships! Pleased to meet you, I hope we can become friends!
Howdy! I am very excited as the Lamest player to be apart of Vortex Gallery 2021! I stream tournaments and games from my unfinished shack. Feel free to stop by and play in some fun events.


Succumb to the Egg, mortal.


TO/Streamer/Commentator for an EU Melty Biweekly bracket, kusoge lover and terrible C-Koha player


My name is Era, I’ve been a TO for over 3 years in the ARMS scene. I’ve worked alongside Nintendo in 2020 with their North American Online Opens and have hosted well over 200 tournaments in my career as well as assisted in seeding for organizations like 2GG.


Hi hello! I am Fierce and I am looking forward to helping with tournaments. There isn’t much to know about me except that I try to help as much as I can.


Hiya, I’m Firery. Longtime OCE TO for anime fighters and streamer of many others. Aspiring commentator but biggest fan of function fighters and doing TO work so others don’t have to.
Loves tabletop gaming, Melty, and pro wrestling.


The oldest living creature in the SNK community.
Programmer and Anime FG fan, primarily plays Blazeblue and Guilty Gear. #BBCFRollback
SoCal based streamer, content creator, and TO for the FGC.
All roads in the Vortex Gallery leads to the slime. Loves to play lame af. He goes to events to TO games, eat good food, & mix drinks. See him in Marvel 2/3, UNI, VSAV or TMNT:TF — first round of drinks is on the loser!


Hi! I’m one of the big fans of ARMS. anything up to ARMS, I’m willingly to join as player or volunteer for managing the event. ARMS NICE
Content creator, TO, streamer, competitor, community leader and anything you can think of for Fighting EX Layer. Also the worst youtuber you’ve never heard of.
Old man that never stopped playing Guilty Gear. I like to commentate and stream. Kliff is cool.
A new TO who’s trying to bring this amazing event to our players in Brazil.





NA PC BBCF’s favorite TO. AFGC baby and sucker for all things trash including vtubers, idols, gacha games, kpop, etc.
Hey! I’m the tech-head who made the borders for MBAACC! Feel free to check it out on Github sometime!
Just a simple Brazilian girl try to help a little. I help Melty Blood, Vsav and Skullgirls Brasil. Do your best!
Still not that good at fighting games because Kiyobi puts way too much time in Puyo Puyo, rhythm games, and being a part time VTuber that teaches Puyo Puyo.


i play hisoutensoku, i’ve organized many oce netplay tournaments before.
“Kumubou has ran a 1000 man bracket single handedly and lived.” “Kumubou made a CvS2 bracket run on time.” “Kumubou is not afraid to DQ people. Even if that’s Chris G, Justin Wong, and yes, you too, Jim.”
Fighting gamer from Taiwan, not pro, but old.
Nice to meet y’all, I’m Lea! I’ve been a Guilty Gear player for a year and a half and a tournament organizer and commentator for a year, I’ve commentated for multiple European Guilty Gear tournaments and also run my own under the Dawn of Revival banner. I’m very excited to bring everyone a quality tournament for this year’s Vortex Gallery, so be on the lookout for us!
A guy who enjoys Gacha and collaborates on MoonstyleFGC

Luna Leka



Organizer of the Too Old For This Sh*t tournament series and self proclaimed old man


Hi! I’m the founder of WolfTV, a small community based around giving the spotlight so some lesser known games and putting a spin on the on the ones we like! Also I sometimes commentate ARMS and other games at 3 AM…
SoCal organizer. I’m here to organize so I can duck playing.



I’m Meta, mainly an UNICLR player and part of the TO staff from UNI Chile. Mainly I just want to keep the scene alive until the pandemic ends and people to have an space to play UNI, also that people on the international scene knows that we play here un LATAM.
My name is MoosePK and I am an avid enjoyer of competitive puzzle games.


Long time old school FGC player primarily SNK games for SoCal.


Hisui Lover. Former US MB god turned filthy casual.
Melty Blood and Eternal Fighter Zero ambassador from South America, also a big Kusoge fan.


Stand up comedian, Commentator for Kill la Kill IF tournaments, musician,
TO, Streamer, EO….Lurking around and still playing games while legit straight doin too much


Sometimes I fill out application forms on a whim and magic happens. I like to think that makes me awesome. GLHF!


Im From Mexico And have a small comunity named AF GDL we love AFG in general and its been a honor to Run The spanish Version of de Streams
I’m PolarBair, noted poverty fighter appreciator and wiki writer (Samsho 3, Dan-Ku-Ga, Double Dragon, Ring of Destruction, Ragnagard)
Hi there my name is Preheat, I’ve been involved in the FGC for about three years now. Most of my experience with the scene has been helping run and manage events for Lethal League Blaze, so if you’ve ever watched a big tournament for it, you’ve most likely heard my voice commentating over the match. I hope I can continue to provide great experiences for many of you in the FGC.


Hey, I’m cool but not rude! Just a commentator who likes to dabble in running events, and wants to see the anime FGC flourish! Let’s Rock!
Yo, I’m Redarts, some may also know me as Neko_Player. I’m Neko Punchi’s owner and hope to help on the South American VSav community. #NekoPunchi
Monkes unite. We are a group of fun loving fighting game and Gundam players/tournament organizers in Malaysia who like to go full unga.


Avowed chuuni and longtime MB player.
Aka Robo. Streamer, commentator and rising star of OCE BBCF. Lover of all things mecha. May not be the best Tager player but boy do they try.


I’m S2! I love Puyo Puyo and all the friends I’ve made along the way.


Hello everyone! I’m sakasama We mainly distribute combo movies of fighting games. Thank you!
I’m Schkrimps. ARMS streamer, TO and commentator.
Hi! I am Jose or Scrawt! It is well known by now that I love Melty Blood and I try to do my best to support the scene any way I can. See me in Lumina


Hi I’m Seth. I mostly organize tournaments for the chilean UNICLR community and I’m part of MoonstyleFGC which runs many of our local anime fighting games tournaments.
Administrator of Mizuumi & Shoryuken Wikis. Community manager for Digital Crafter games. Organizer of Nothin but Netplay by GBL.
Hi my name is Jesse aka ShinJay I’m a hard working T.O and fighting game player. I take pride in what I do love seeing people play and having fun.
Hi I’m Sky Bungis 🙂 I run tournaments for Lethal League Blaze and other games on our Twitch page Dair Productions. I love fighting games and I love giving back to my communities by hosting events for everyone. Happy to be here!


just a young guy in love with a 90s FG trying to keep the local and international vsav scene alive! #NekoPunchi


Hi, I’m Manolito Gallegos, TO for Asuka 120% LimitOver. Aside from fighting games, my other hobbies are philosophy and Touhou. While I started playing with World Warrior, I love all sorts of games, being a main organizer at my small online fighting game group, the FGM (Fighting Gamer Meetup), where we test out and play all sorts of games.
Ex-FPS pro, now running Thai Anime FG scene. I love Guilty Gear and clicking ppl head.
Howdy, just call me Swift. I run the regular Punch Planet weekly series. I like dogs and that’s about it ty love u
I cook food that pairs with beer. See me in karaoke.
Fuckfest TO and commentator
A literal barrel of sunshine. *Contents may vary.
I’m from Brazil (SA), and they call me The Seeker. I like poverty fighting games, and try to play any FG that my PC can run (very few, unfortunately). I’m seeking to be a good player and commentator to help and improve the communitys that I love.


Hi. I enjoy fast paced fighting games, and playing aggro.
Commentator, writer, filmmaker, and just trying to spread some love and fun in the world ^-^. Business Email:


A worldly gamer with vast interests spanning all ends of the gaming world. Currently streaming and commentating mahjong for the most part, with other indie and interesting games on the side!
Hi all, my name is Layla; chaotically trans and married lesbian. Been an esport caster for 3 years now (became a freelance permanently from June 2020) across a variety of games; from Splatoon 2 and ARMS to Rocket League and VALORANT! I’m a massive Shera and Touhou fan, and look forward to meeting, and working, with you all x
SEA anime game TO and JRPG enthusiast
Passionate about Fighting Games and unofficial organizer of tournaments and online leagues of the most important developers, SNK, Capcom, Bandai, ARC, etc.


VGD here, currently sponsored by Impunity Gaming (IMP). Head TO of Airdasher Singapore & Airdasher SEA. Here to help bring the SouthEastAsian anime/kusoge FGC together. SEA-food tour guide. UMVC3/MVCI main, Mike Haggar’s no.1 office boy.
Hey I’m Vick (/SailorVick), I’ve started with VanPri, helped the french community, been the 24/7 server for a while & got the discord up. Now I’m trying to make the Asuka 120% community to get bigger!
I’m Gaming!
I commentate gaming here and there. Please follow my channel I’m very desperate for attention. I’m so lonely


Some guy who owns the main HFTF Asian Server known as Vixer Co. and does random Asian Tournaments for stinky bathroom fgs


The Malaysian clown that revived SEA Hisoutensoku with the creation of SEAsouten. Come over and chill with us over some soku!
I’m a person that like fighting games
Play Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2. It’s Free to Play on Steam


Yuri Bacon

it puyo puyo time
I’m a TO and commentator for many anime fighters in the Brazillian community, trying to grow and help our scene as much as i can. Also the official protector of Mizore Yoroizuka.


I like shoot ’em ups, puzzle games, and being at the end of alphabetized lists.