Save the date! Registration is live October 11!

Vortex Gallery returns in 2024 at an all-new location!

Join us at The Westin in Lombard, IL from January 25-28 to be a part of Frosty Faustings XVI, a storied fighting game tournament event boasting 4 days of competition and community.

This year, we’re proud to team up with Frosty Faustings to bring you 4 days of the largest community-run tournament in the FGC with dedicated ballroom space, 2 stream stages, and a lineup of returning classics and all-new favorites.

Represent your scene and be a part of FGC history by signing up to volunteer for your favorite game on the big stage.

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The largest community tournament in the FGC

Vortex Gallery is a series of events run by the collaboration of a group of volunteer tournament organizers, streamers, bracket runners, chat mods, and commentators at several major events in North America, or online as its own separate event.

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