A: Vortex Gallery is a series of events run by the collaboration of a group of volunteer tournament organizers, streamers, bracket runners, chat mods, and commentators during the Evo Championship Series, or online as its own separate event.

A: Vortex Gallery consists of the community tournaments at Evo 2022 hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like Evo’s main lineup, Vortex Gallery tournaments must be signed up for online at start.gg/vortexgallery before the cutoff on July 22nd. Vortex Gallery tournaments will NOT have on-site registration.

In order to join us at the venue to compete you must purchase an Evo event pass. You may purchase an Evo event pass online at start.gg/evo before July 15th or buy a day pass on-site upon arriving. You do not have to register for a main tournament if you decide to purchase your Evo event pass online.

Q: What are Vortex Gallery’s safety precautions and requirements?

A: As part of Evo 2022, Vortex Gallery is subject to the event’s COVID-19 guidelines. This includes wearing an approved face covering at all times and presenting proof of vaccination against COVID-19 upon entry. Please refer to Evo’s FAQ entry for the full up to date policy.

A: Yes! All events in the Community Tournaments area at Evo 2022 are managed by 956 Productions as part of Vortex Gallery. We encourage you to apply ASAP to get in touch!

A: Short answer: Because you are not running it.

Long answer: Vortex Gallery tournaments are hosted on a volunteer basis. Every year, we accept submissions from volunteers who are dedicated & experienced in running side tournaments for their respective games. If a game isn’t being run at Vortex Gallery, it’s because no one stepped up to dedicate their time, money & effort to contact us and run it. We welcome any and all competitive games (not just fighting!) to be a part of Vortex Gallery.

Q: How can I help out?

A: For TO, Streaming, Commentator & Equipment volunteers, check out our volunteer page or check the @956Productions twitter for the volunteer form link we normally drop before we announce our initial line up. For other inquiries, please send a DM to @956Productions.

Sometimes we get volunteer submissions from people who are passionate about their game, but are perhaps not experienced enough to manage the complexity involved in running a tournament at the “largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world” that is Evo, or on the scale we tend to run our online events, which are one of the biggest in the community. We encourage these hopefuls to reach out to their communities to find people with more experience in running side-tournaments at majors, and to assist them at Vortex Gallery to learn the ropes, and perhaps take the reins in the future.

A: Yes! We ask that you include “Vortex Gallery” in the stream title for us to notice. Please know this is not permission to upload VODs/mirrors of footage from Vortex Gallery streamers.